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This page contains details of research projects, conferences and events, and carers workshops which might be of interest to anyone concerned about eating disorders. Eating Disorders Awareness Week, National Carers Week and the Carers/ Family Conference are annual events. Details and links are provided below:

Megs Recovery Journey

In this reflection’s post I have summarised some of the key points and both Megan and and her father Martin have kindly agreed that anyone who has any further questions can email them directly. Please be respectful of this generous offer and there may be things that...

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Izzy’s Story

Hi everyone, I am sure all of you who attended last night’s Zoom meeting will want to join me in thanking Izzy profusely for sharing her story with us. Izzy spoke so eloquently about the ups and downs of her recovery journey, and how powerful and motivating it was for...

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Developing Dolphins

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2021 From 1-7 March join the beat campaign to create a future where people experiencing binge eating disorder are met with understanding and compassion. If you would like to find out more about Beat’s appeal for families with BED to...

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