Janet Treasure’s book and the related DVD are designed to help carers develop self-reflective skills in order to role model confidence, compassion and courage to take risks,  how to experiment with changing caring behaviour so carers can be more helpful to their loved one suffering from an eating disorder.

The DVD  was created as a collaboration between the Maudsley  and the SUCCEED foundation. It has background learning materials as well as a series of vignettes. The acting isn’t perfect but it illustrates ways of communicating with a loved one with an eating disorder and how to calm things down when anxiety is high.

The SUCCEED website is no longer available and so the Advanced Learning referred to in the DVD can be found at

They are in a slightly different format as we are always updating them.

There is also a Youtube of the introduction to the DVD by Janet Treasure at

And a Youtube showing some excerpts from the DVD scenarios at: 

And a Youtube of the Learning section on the animal metaphors at (the current batch of the DVD does not play this properly)

The DVD can be ordered from Jenny Langley and is priced at £25 plus P&P


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