The New Maudsley Method

Janet Treasure’s Skills- based Caring book is designed to help carers develop self-reflective skills in order to role model confidence, compassion and courage to take risks, how to experiment with changing caring behaviour so carers can be more helpful to their loved one suffering from an eating disorder.

Skills-based Caring equips carers with the skills and knowledge needed to support those suffering from an eating disorder, and to help them to break free from the traps that prevent recovery.

Through a coordinated approach, it offers detailed techniques and strategies, which aim to improve professionals’ and carers’ ability to build continuity of support for their loved ones. Using evidence-based research and personal experience, the authors advise the reader on a number of difficult areas in caring for someone with an eating disorder.

This is essential reading for both professionals and families involved in the care and support of anyone with an eating disorder.

Janet Treasures Skills Based Learning Book can be purchased from Amazon

Note the second edition which was released in 2016 has some new chapters on siblings and emotion focused therapy

As both parent and professional, I found this helpful and informative – not patronising on either level. We are dealing with early stage of ED in a child who is open to support, but even at this stage anxiety and guilt can get in the way of effective parenting: this book helped hugely.

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