Please see below a message from William Phillips about a new Sevenoaks based CBT service for children and adolescents starting in October – see message below.

If you want to enquire about your child/ teen and how CBT can help, please make initial contact via

Hi Jenny – Just to let you know that we will be opening a specialist child and adolescent CBT clinic from our centre in Sevenoaks TN13 3QQ from October 2019.

We have decided to do this, as we recognise the poor provision and exorbitant charges made by other private psychological services in this area. 

We know that some parents are paying upwards of £300 to see child psychiatrists, who primarily focus on medication over psychological therapies. We also know that the small number of child specialists operating in the Sevenoaks area charge between £140 – £200 per appointment. We believe this is prohibitive and unfair.

As we operate as a not-for-profit business, our private consultation charges are typically 30% – 50% lower than other private providers.

We will be taking early bookings for appointments starting October 2019. If parents want to talk to us about their children and how CBT can help, they can contact us via

William Phillips 
Director & Principal Psychotherapist

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