Hi everyone,
As many of you know I am really passionate about supporting ongoing research in the ED arena.

Maya is conducting interviews with carers around their experiences with the anorexic voices of their loved ones.

By researching carer’s views about the Anorexic Voice, we hope to better understand if this is a helpful concept to people caring for loved ones living with the disorder. This could lead to future research or improve treatment interventions involving carers and the Anorexic Voice.

When? Get in touch with Maya to arrange a time for interview that suits you. There are a maximum of 12 spaces and people will be offered interviews on a first come first served basis. Where? The interview can place via secure video link, or in person at Vincent Square, West London/ The Courtyard, Maidstone, Kent. Who? This project is being led by Maya Kuhl, a trainee clinical psychologist with Canterbury Christ Church University. The project is supervised by Dr Matt Pugh, and Dr Anna Oldershaw; clinical psychologists experienced in treatment and research of eating disorders.
How? If you’re interested in taking part, get in contact with Maya Kuhl to find out more: 07597579807 mk623@canterbury.ac.uk

Research flyer

Please contact Maya directly if you are interested in taking part.
When my son was ill we found that externalising his illness as Rex was really helpful in so many ways. We could really focus in on supporting our son, as his ally, in his battle with his ED voice Rex.

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