My very good friend Claire Boyle is running a new course this term and has several spaces still available. It looks amazing so if you can get to Rye I highly recommend it, also Rye is a beautiful place for a visit in any case. Please contact Claire direct if you would like to attend

Contact : 
Tel: 01797 222796

Who’s in Charge?
A nine week group programme for parents & carers of children who use violent and/or abusive behaviour or currently appear to be beyond control.  Objectives are to support the development of concrete strategies and clear boundaries and reduce confusion, isolation, stress or guilt often experienced.

The Brewery Yard Club in Rye, East Sussex.  Full details to follow once your place is confirmed. 
This is a lovely little venue in Rye, five minutes from cafes, parks and Rye train station.

Time and Dates:

1.00 to 3.30pm on

  • 1st Feb 2020
  • 8th Feb 2020
  • 15th Feb 2020
  • 22nd Feb 2020
  • 29th Feb 2020
  • 7th Mar 2020
  • 14th Mar 2020
  • 21st Mar 2020

Two month follow-up: 16th May 2020

Voluntary contribution of £5.00 per person, per session.  Includes tuition, materials, hand-outs, tea, coffee & water.

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