My very good friend and colleague Katie Rowlands, from King’s College eating disorder research team, needs more participants for her research on young people age 12-18 currently being treated for an eating disorder. If everyone caring for a loved one in this age group who has recently attended the New Maudsley Carer Skills workshops could ask their loved ones if they would be interested in participating then I am sure Katie will then be able to reach her required participant numbers. We couldn’t be offering the carer skills workshops without all the research that was completed at the Maudsley over the past few years. Even if you haven’t attended our workshops and you have a loved one who might be interested please do contact Katie at

I am sure every young person who participates will find the surveys and tasks interesting and useful.

More details are shown below:

Social information processing study summary

It is common for people with eating disorders to experience lots of automatic thoughts about being judged, rejected or excluded by others. We are running an online study to find out more about this from people with personal experience.

The study involves completing some online surveys and tasks which include questions about your experiences of social interactions, mood, anxiety and eating disorder thoughts and behaviours. They take about 30 minutes and we ask you to complete them three times over three months.

You may also be asked to test out some online exercises designed to help balance negative thoughts with positive ones for the first month of your participation, which should take maximum 1.5 hours/week for the first month. At the end of the study, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback about how helpful these were to you. 

You will receive £45 for your time and effort to contribute to this study.

If you agree to participate but later change your mind, you can stop at any time. Please note the study is very flexible, so if you have any concerns about the time involvement, we can work around what you are able to contribute at this difficult time. Your participation would still be very valuable.

If you are interested in participating, please contact

Thanks again


Katie Rowlands

TRIANGLE Project Research Assistant

Kings College London
Department of Psychological Medicine
The Basement
103 Denmark Hill
London SE5 8AF
0207 848 5980


To find out more about the TRIANGLE trial please visit

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