Over the past year we have seen a dramatic increase in enquiries both from families of children and teens newly diagnosed with eating disorders, as well as from carers of young adult and adult sufferers who have been struggling with their illness for much longer. Whilst sharing ideas in a mixed carer group does work very well, Chris and I do appreciate that discussions often defer to the more immediate requirements and concerns of carers of the younger patients.

Last summer I ran a couple of series of workshops for carers of adult sufferers which were well received. At this time we do not have the capacity to run full series for this group, so Chris and I have decided to offer a one off carer support group and stand alone workshop for carers of adult sufferers.

Chris will be facilitating a carer support group on Monday Feb 8th from 7pm. This will be an open group (ie you can just turn up on the evening) although of course it will be useful for us to know who is intending to join in with this group, and if there are any specific issues you would like to be covered. The Zoom link for this session will be :


Meeting ID: 871 8813 0024

Passcode: 062930

Then on Thursday 11th February Chris and I will facilitate a workshop (this must be booked in advance) from 1.30pm to 4.30pm which will include:

  • Cycle of change
  • MI language summary (LESS is more, OARS, ALVS, DEARS)
  • Consideration of caring responses using animal metaphors and reassurance trap
  • Coaching Edi to make their own changes

To sign up for the workshop you will need to complete the registration form attached and return to me. Spaces for the workshop will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

We may then offer further workshops for this group at a later stage.

I am also attaching a capsule in which l pull together some stories from adult sufferers that give carers of adult sufferers some really useful insights in to what might be helpful and to appreciate the challenges their loved ones might be facing. There are also some resources to have a look at. Whether your loved one lives with you or not, I hope you find the contents of this capsule useful.

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